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Environmental Contract Operations

About ECO

Environmental Contract Operations-Environmental Management Associates ECO is located in Powdersville/Piedmont area of SC. 

There is no more important task than managing and operating your waste treatment facility. With more than 50 years of operating waste water treatment and groundwater facilities we have developed a solution based approach . If you are in need of a licensed operator for the short term or long term, if you need a operator of record, vacation coverage or troubleshooting, ECO is the answer. 

Our mission (ECO) is to be a leader in our community and provide high quality, dependable service for all of our clients by utilizing our well trained staff and doing our part protecting our most valuable resource. 

•  ECO strives to provide unmatched service and value to our customer.  We are an owner/operator company allowing us to reduce cost while meeting state and regulatory compliance requirements.

• ECO has established excellent working relationships with SCDHEC, environmental labs and environmental engineering firms to ensure all your environmental needs will be met.


We Offer the Following Services

Physical Chemical Services

ECO has licensed Physical Chemical operators of all grades, so if you need full time, part time, medical leave coverage, vacation coverage, Operator of Record services. ECO can meet your needs.

Stormwater Sampling

A stormwater sampling event can be challenging. It is difficult to predict when precipitation will provide significant stormwater flow, so timing and preparation are foremost in capturing a representative outfall sample and can truly be a headache.  ECO can take away that headache by collecting your sample, providing quarterly inspections and delivering to a environmental lab in a timely manner. 

Biological Treatment Services

ECO has licensed Biological operators of all grades, so if you need full time, part time, medical leave coverage, vacation coverage, Operator of Record services. ECO can meet your needs.

Operator of Record Services

The status of wastewater operators and wastewater operators of record must be known and accurate to maintain compliance with discharge requirements so if there is a lapsed license, you need vacation coverage, medical leave or employee turnover ECO can provide Operator of Record Services.

Remediation Treatment Systems

ECO has experienced operators in operating Pump and Treat Systems, Air Sparging, Chemical Precipitation Systems, SVE Systems

Environmental Employee Training 

ECO has certified trainers on staff that can provide all your environmental training needs.

Wastewater Consulting & Troubleshooting

ECO started in 2003.  We are environmental professionals with many years of experience.  We are  problem solvers seeking the best way possible to accomplish your goals.  We are approachable.  

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